Well, it’s been an amazing journey! We started out with just a vision: to create a service that not only spoke to the photo management issues the we all suffer from, but something that did so in a way that was private and secure with complete user control, simple and elegant in its user experience, and intelligent about the variety of devices and file types we use today.

We’ve gone from private beta, with just a small set of core users, to public beta, opening up the service to thousands of people for testing and feedback. And we’re incredibly pleased with the response we’ve gotten from our users! We’ve received tons of helpful feedback and comments, as well as countless great ideas for developing Loom and tailoring it better to peoples’ needs.

Some of the great ideas we heard from our users – like iPhoto integration and album sharing, among others – we’ve already had the chance to build into Loom. Not only that, but we’ve gotten positive and helpful feedback from media sources as well: the reviews of Loom on Macworld and The Verge, for example, were not only helpful feedback for us, but very welcome encouragement! The current version of Loom is averaging 5 stars on the App Store, too, which means we’re doing something right!

We conceived Loom to be more than just a place to dump all of your photo and video files and forget about them. Quality is of the utmost importance to us. So the opportunity to test our product with such amazingly responsive users has been extremely helpful for us. Our gratitude goes out to all of you!

We’d like to announce that Loom has just raised $1.4 million dollars in seed funding. We’re enormously grateful to all of our investors for the opportunity to continue building and developing Loom.

Among those who’ve joined us are Tencent, Google Ventures with MG Siegler, Great Oaks VC and angel investments including Will Smith (Overbrook Entertainment), and Damon Way (founder of DC Shoes). Thank you all!

And finally, we’re extremely excited to announce that Loom is officially opening to the public! Invite your family, friends, and coworkers! We’ve also released a new Mac app and a new iOS version today. We’re here for the long haul, and we’re completely committed to building the best service we possibly can for our users. Our sincerest thanks again to everyone who helped us make this possible!


New to Loom? Loom is your entire photo and video library, unified in one place, accessible from any device. View your photos, create albums, and manage your library from anywhere you are. Read more here.

  • Craig Paterson

    Congratulations guys! Long Live Loom!

  • Andreas

    i have saved some video sfrom my iphone to the cloud. Can i watch them to my ipad after download themfrom the loom?