Update: Video Support!

We are delighted to announce Loom video support. Now you can play any video directly from your camera roll or Loom library on your iOS devices, instantly! All videos uploaded from your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or external hard drive, are supported. Following our model for photos, instant downstreaming is possible using multiple smaller versions of the videos to match connectivity strength. This allows us to provide the fastest private video streaming in the App Store!

Why we’re so excited:  

We built you the fastest video streaming technology available for private libraries.

We’ve done the legwork and put in the extra time to craft the most seamless experience possible with existing technology. The team here at Loom has worked long and hard to solve some tough challenges to get here. It has been quite a journey and we hope you enjoy this update as much as we enjoy releasing it.

How we do it: 

As always, we store your original videos, untouched. Applying the same process we use for photos, we then transcribe three smaller copied versions of each video to create a customized “playlist” for each one. When you hit play, we instantly choose the best version for the job – based on Internet or cell connectivity and device capability. If conditions start out less than ideal, we send in the first version that is tailored to get through. Then we instantly step up the quality when your connectivity improves. Seem familiar? It might be because you experience a similar type of streaming on Netflix. Except, you’re viewing your personal videos; streaming from your Loom library, on demand. Now you can enjoy them and all the space on your iPhone or iPad they left behind. Speaking of space….

Added extras:

Now you can get free space by selecting and inviting friends to Loom directly within the app. Tap on Get Free Space in your Loom settings to post the invite link to your Facebook, Twitter, or send via email.

For every invited person who downloads and signs in to Loom on their iPhone or iPad, both parties receive 500MB of additional space. Earn up to 5GB of extra space. When added to your free account, you can get a total of up to 10GB of free storage.

Download Loom for iPhone or iPad!

That’s it for now! Check our blog for future tips, tricks, and details. As always, we appreciate your feedback and input, and if you’re enjoying Loom, please consider leaving a review in the App Store!

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  • José María Martín Luque

    When will it arrive on Android?